Saturday Plate Post–9/28/2013


I like to start my mornings with a good strong cup of coffee. I’m not big on the breakfasts, but coffee, coffee is important.

My family will attest to this fact, that, in my old age, I have become something of a coffee snob (only about a C+ snob rating according to this article).  Though Slate Magazine does make a good argument for snobbery:

But if coffee is something you drink every day—perhaps multiple times a day—why shouldn’t you want to learn how grind size affects extraction from a coffee bean? Why should paying attention to such a detail be regarded as any more annoying a habit than having the patience to remember to preheat an oven, peel an onion, or perform any of the sundry other preparatory tasks that we endure in order to improve the taste of products we intend to ingest?

So, now I feel completely validated in my quest and my strict adherence to grind size…thanks Slate.  Finding a good brand of whole coffee beans was not that difficult in New York, especially in my area of Westchester where locally owned coffee shops graced the street corners and Starbucks was not even an after thought.  I’m a big proponent for the locally sourced items, but that’s probably another post.  Anyway, I was worried when I came to Louisiana about many things (see post #1), but among them, unsaid to most people because it is ridiculous, was that I wouldn’t be able to find whole beans.  The Horror!  Okay, that brings us to the present day, where Lafayette, Louisiana has quite the offering when it comes to whole bean selection.  I’m going to try a lot of the different brands, and they will probably make it into posts of their own later on.  Today, I’m focusing on Community Coffee.

When Keegan and I first arrived here, we were struck by two things: drive-through daiquiries stands and Community Coffee houses. We actually found this blog, which explained a lot about Louisiana culture.  Community Coffee was #1 on their list of “Stuff Cajun People Like” (if you were wondering, drive-through daiquiries were #12…they’re real and very alcoholic).  Community Coffee has been a part of Louisiana since Henry Norman “Cap” Saurage starting selling it out of his country store in Baton Rouge back in 1919.  For over 90 years, CC’s has become a staple of Louisianan culture, and it’s good!  I bought the Louisiana blend because I like a dark roast.  It’s full of rich flavor with that certain make-me-feel-all-cozy-on-the-inside feeling that only a good cup of morning coffee can give you.  I swear I almost start an Irish jig in the morning (Folger’s flashback anyone?)

So coffee is definitely one of my go-to comfort “foods”.  Literally, during the cross-country move, I had a bag of coffee beans from the Moonbean Cafe in Briarcliff, NY and a French Press, for that off-chance that we wouldn’t have coffee available to us.  Keegan doesn’t understand this clearly healthy and loving relationship I have with my coffee, but really, I could stop drinking it at any time, I swear.

Do you have any food “obsessions”? Something you’re particularly finicky about? I’m also like this with my yogurt…but that is another story!


Gratuitous picture of Lola sleeping:


N.B: If you are feeling totally jealous of this awesome coffee I have available to me in every grocery story, you too can be privy to this delectable morning treat.  It’s just one click away:


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