Thrifty Thursdays

Since the move down to Louisiana, I have been trying to make a concerted effort to get to know this place and the people who live here, even if that’s just during the college season.  Back in New York it was too easy for me to stay within the confines of the life I had always known.  Even though I had moved away from friends and family, they were still just a car ride away when I wanted to see them.  Practically every weekend was taken up with people who had been part of my life for the past twenty years or longer.

On one hand, I feel incredibly lucky to have relationships like that.  To know that I am still friends with the people I met when I changed schools in fourth grade creates a little safety bubble of love around my heart. Unfortunately, the tight bond I have with the people of my past tends to mollify my impulse to want to meet anyone new.  All of that changed when I moved across the country of course.IMG_0662So far, this has been a blessing in disguise.  As terrified as I was about moving to a new place where I didn’t know a soul, it has turned out to be quite the adventure, and I am only three months in!

One of the techniques I have been using to help me get better acquainted with the area, is to drive around aimlessly on weekends. I’ve always found that getting lost is the best way to get to know a place.

A few months ago, when Keegan was still here and classes hadn’t started yet, we saw what looked like an abandoned building that used to be an antique shop.  Upon further inspection, we discovered that it was, in fact, a working antique store that only opened on weekends.

When Pigs Fly has turned into one of my favorite weekend destinations, and it really is a destination.

IMG_0658Make sure to check your bags at the front door, and  then you are free to roam the maze of what used to be another man’s junk but is now a treasure waiting to be discovered…and paid for.

I find that like any place with “antique” in the name, unlike “thrift” or “second-hand,” prices tend to be inflated.  However, I take that as a secondary challenge.

IMG_0660Challenge #1: Find something awesome.  Challenge #2: Find something awesome at an awesome price.  Challenge two can be accomplished if you are willing to spend the time and the effort it usually takes to find such goods.  I’m talking on your hands and knees, covered in dust, rifling through a box of doorknobs that hasn’t been touched in the last sixty years. That’s the type of drive you need to survive antique stores with your wallet in tact.

IMG_0642 IMG_0644 As I meandered through the heavily laden shelves and rifled through the dusty antiquities displayed, I kept in mind things I was looking for.  I keep thinking back to the dining room.  Even though it has curtains (see this post for a tutorial on making your own), there is still something not right…it makes me wonder if I will ever get used to the paneling, though for some reason, it is only this room that makes my skin crawl with displeasure when I walk into it.  IMG_0646 Anyway, I have read some tutorials on turning unsuspecting objects into hanging lamps.  When I saw this white bird cage for only $4, I thought that I might try that venture in the near future.  I will have to wait for Keegan to get down here because electricity and I have not been on speaking terms for some time…and the breakers in this house look like they belong in this antique store.

IMG_0654 Creepy stuffed animals in an antique store? Rocking chair in the middle of a room? Check and check.

IMG_0652I saw this pretty cool hat, but, alas, no price tag.  One of the downfalls of such a large antique shop is that with multiple sellers, the clerk in the front is not at liberty to price anything.  No tag, no sale.

This happened to me with some champagne glasses.  They were the 1960’s style and exactly what I was looking for, but no price tag.  I kept coming back and looking around.  I finally found a lone glass on a different shelf with the price tag stuck to the bottom.  Sweet, sweet success.

IMG_0650If you need some chicken decor, just let me know.  I got a place in mind…

IMG_0684The last purchase of the day was this cool art deco tray.  Currently, we do not have a table for our living room, which is fine for now.  I would like to be able to serve drinks in there, though, so I thought this tray was a good buy.  I was looking for something under $10, and this was marked 1/2 off from $14.  It fit the bill, and I am excited to refurbish it (This recent tray purchase was inspired by this post by Redesigned by M).

As much as I want to start on some of these projects now, I have to rip up some dresses and start constructing my Halloween Costume… Here’s a hint:

6a0133f5bf892d970b015390bedac4970b-500wiHappy thrifting!


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