Playing Catch-up

So, I’ve been M.I.A for the past two weeks.  It’s amazing how life seems to float gently by one minute only to turn into some raging rapids the next.  Keegan is finally down from CT.  He ended up having to drive the 25 hours by himself, which wasn’t ideal, but he made it safely and without hitting any metaphorical speed-bumps along the way.  So, that’s my first excuse for not writing in awhile. Now, because so much has happened over the last two weeks, I thought I would share some photo collages to get myself caught up. Enjoy!

photo catchupAfter driving for three days through multiple states, weather conditions, and time zones, Keegan reluctantly agreed to accompany me to Atlanta the weekend following his arrival in Louisiana.  A testament to how lucky I am to have a man who would jump back in the car to spend time with his wife when he would be essentially back-tracking the route he took to get down here.   The South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference took place in Atlanta on Nov. 8-10.  It was a great time involving a successful conference presentation on my part, folk singing, bourbon, BBQ, and a trip to the Coca-Cola factory (which I do not recommend unless you enjoy being brainwashed!).


*If anyone finds themselves driving along route 10 through Mississippi, stop at The Pit for some awesome, piled-high barbeque

The following Tuesday was my birthday. Twenty-nine. gulp.  Keegan welcomed it in with style, of course.  Baking cupcakes for the actual day and a two-layer chocolate cake (from scratch!) for a small gathering we had this past Saturday.


We finally got to use the champagne bucket we received as a wedding gift!

The piece de resistance, however, lies with the other surprises which awaited me.  Keegan diligently worked on my bike the whole week prior to my birthday, and on the day presented me with a pimped-out ride complete with basket, bell, and a one-of-a-kind fender.  I’ll never be muddy again!


He also dug out and re-designed the crappy old fire-pit in our backyard. He’s amazing.



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