Pre-Thanksgiving Prep: Recipe Collection


Okay, so I am back on Pinterest.  After the wedding, I really didn’t have a need to use it.  But, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and I am hosting for the first time.  There will be about 9-10 people.  We’ll be smooshed into the dining room, but we have a new hanging lamp (a post on that coming soon), new curtains (click here for a how-to on making your own), and I am finally liking the space!

Okay, it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, so time for recipe collection, hence, my foray back to pinterest. (Click here to see my “Friendsgiving” board). Hopefully, I will have my menu narrowed down soon…nothing like day-before-Thanksgiving supermarket chaos.

Anyone have some interesting recipes they are trying out this year?

Here are some of my favorite food blogs:

queensashy three little halvesThree little Halves

001_cook_republic_files2-520x347Cook Republic: Visual Storytelling of a Nourished Life

ImageYummy Books — Recipes for Literature, A Literary Food Blog.



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