Photography Styling Challenge: Order


I can’t believe it is already December.  Thanksgiving flew by as usual and now we are in what feels like the middle of Christmas season already!  For this month’s photography challenge, I didn’t give myself nearly enough time to set up a shoot properly.  With Keegan coming home and preparing for Thanksgiving and finals, I really should have budgeted my time better.

The following sequence of images I took on the day before Thanksgiving while I was preparing to bake some bread.  I figure, where is order most important?  For me, it’s in the kitchen, especially while baking.  I am thinking that for the next challenge (Chaos), I might take some pics of my husband’s cooking process.

IMG_0880 IMG_0885 IMG_0888  IMG_0900

Well, there it is.  I know it’s not the most interesting group of photos, but I still enjoyed the challenge.  I think that it’s important to stop once in a while,especially when things are hectic, and find beauty in the ordinary, which is what photography is all about.

Remember, if you’re interested in joining this challenge, it’s not too late, let us know here.

Stay tuned for next month’s concept: Chaos.

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11 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge: Order

  1. I love finding order in food shots, especially set up of ingredients. Before I started blogging, I never understood how ingredients could look so beautiful in photography. I’m intrigued to see how this kitchen will become a mess in the Chaos theme. Have a great holiday! ~M.

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  4. Ooh, I like this! Thanks for sharing your food prep photos. I have just started blogging about my own creative challenge (create something 1x/week for 1 year). I am planning a baking post before Christmas, so I really appreciate your post, which reminds us that the simple acts of baking can meet our artistic needs, as well as our hunger. Thanks 🙂

      • So happy to know your blog, so inspiring! The cookies were fun (the downside…I made enough to keep a batch for myself! Whoops 😉 Quite happy to share any recipes, I know you enjoy the kitchen, too! Happy posting.

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