A Trip to the farm, and other stories from our lives in Louisiana

IMG_0816And yet again, a few weeks have gone by since my last post in what seems like the blink of an eye.  This last week was finals week here at the University of Louisiana, so at least I have that excuse for why I wasn’t writing blog posts–I was writing seminar papers!  Well, that’s finally finished, and, I am proud to report, so is my first semester as a full-time PhD student.  I can’t say that it was easy, but it was what I expected.  I have to say that I truly enjoyed having the time to devout to honing my craft as a scholar without feeling like other parts of my life were suffering because of it.

A few weeks prior to hell-week (and even before Thanksgiving), Keegan and I took a trip to a local farm in search of some organic turkeys.  Gotreaux Farms is a family owned and operated farm. In addition to turkeys, they grow a variety of seasonal vegetables along with some delicious south Louisiana fruit, great eggs from happy hens that range on organic pastures, grass fed lamb, and even Tilapia. We didn’t end up getting a turkey here (as we were late in the season and the one’s left were over 30 lbs), but we did have a few adventures (and we left with a delicious Cinderella pumpkin that I baked with soup inside and served as an appetizer for Thanksgiving).

Here are some images from our journey:

IMG_0810        IMG_0843 IMG_0841 This little cat was so cute and friendly.  I caught it inspecting the fish food in this next sequence.


IMG_0837IMG_0839  IMG_0821 IMG_0819 IMG_0817

Then we found the turkeys.

IMG_0845 IMG_0849

At first, they were pretty far away; however, as Keegan and I approached they thought they were getting fed…and like zombies, slowly walking over to us. It was both funny and slightly unnerving.

IMG_0847 IMG_0851 IMG_0854So, what did make it to our thanksgiving table you ask yourself?  Here are some pics from that adventure as well.

The Menu:

IMG_0906 Autumn-themed center pieces (made from pillar candle vases, Louisiana pine cones, and the cutest little pumpkins:

1-IMG_0909   signatureMore updates to come soon!


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