I’ll be Home for Christmas

christmasChristmas in Midtown Manhattan.  Let’s just say that, for me, I was more than happy to fight through a crowded Penn Station, filled with belligerent Jets fans and frazzled holiday travelers, in order to make it back upstate for the rest of the season.  I’m a downtown girl and Times Square just gives me agita.

This past weekend, Keegan and I met up with his father (who flew in from West Virginia) and his sister (traveling from Ireland) for a long awaited Edwards family reunion.  While Keegan and his family brave the Christmas rush in the city, I am back at my parent’s house reveling in the quiet comfort of being home.

Before we left Louisiana, Keegan and I had a week where I was finished with finals and we hadn’t even started packing for NY yet.  We took that time to do some “Christmassy” activities.  One of those included visiting Noel Acadien in Lafayette’s Acadian Village, which featured over half-a-million lights, live music, and local cuisine.

IMG_1020-001 IMG_1034IMG_1030Of course, no light show in Cajun country would be complete without some dancing crayfish and Swamp Santa: IMG_1024 IMG_1022 Christmas at the Capelli house is a little different than in the south, but the underlying meaning is the same.  At home, my mom spreads the feeling of the holidays throughout the house.  It’s subtle, but clearly decorated for Christmas, though, I think that without my younger sister’s eye for detail, the house would be laden in tinsel and covered in colored lights (which would be fine by me…I love me some tacky Christmas decorations. It’s something of a guilty pleasure).

IMG_1066 One of my favorite decorative ideas is to use the normal room decor and just add a little festive flare.  For instance, these sticks typically sit in the corner of the living room.  For Christmas, however, they are wrapped in colored lights and adorned with tiny gold ornaments.  It’s an easy way to say “Christmas” without having to re-decorate the entire room.IMG_1067I am so jealous that my parents have a fireplace (one day, Amanda, one day), and these nutcrackers are the perfect little additions to a holiday mantel. IMG_1075

IMG_1074A festive Santa tops our Christmas tree, which my sister styled in white and gold.IMG_1070


My sister was very adamant about the color scheme, but a few of the older ornaments with our childhood pictures in them made the cut anyway.

My mom made this angel in high school.  She needs a coating of gold paint every now and then, but she has really withstood the test of time. A little crown of red berries brightens her up a bit. IMG_1076 IMG_1077The family cat, Max, is unamused by my picture taking.

IMG_1078Merry Christmas!




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