Capturing Chaos: Photography Challenge #7

IMG_1090And so, in the blink of an eye, another styling challenge is upon us. For this one, the theme is Chaos, but the stipulation is that at least three of the objects from the previous styling challenge, Order, must be used.  Unfortunately, I did my order shoot in Louisiana (pictures posted here), and I am spending the holidays with my family in New York. To remedy this situation, I thought I would take pictures of a similar task (which, for me, was baking a pumpkin cheese bread in preparation for Thanksgiving), but with chaos in mind.

I have to say, baking in a chaotic manner was difficult for me.  As I tried to set up the shoot, it just looked more and more organized.  This first set of pictures I took while my sister was baking a Pear tarte Tatine.

IMG_1079 IMG_1090 I thought the jumbled pile of pear’s glistening in the light represented chaos, but it wasn’t too distracting to the eye. In the second photo, I took the advice of Anjana from At the Corner of Happy and Harried about the benefits of focused cropping. These two were the only photos I liked to come out of that session. The others were more chaos without the style.

The following day, I decided to bake some pumpkin scones (which were delicious, by the way, and I’ve attached the recipe to the end of this post).  I took the opportunity to take some more styled shots.

IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1099So, those are my submissions for this month’s challenge.  I’m definitely learning a lot as I make my way through these challenges, especially with the inspiration I get from the other participants’ posts.  Truly looking forward to the feedback, so be sure to leave some comments! (Scroll down to check out the other participants in this challenge, and for the scone recipe!)


Pumpkin-Scones-Recipe-2Pumpkin Scones:


11 thoughts on “Capturing Chaos: Photography Challenge #7

  1. Hey-oh Amanda! Now that I am drooling…I wanted to photograph kitchen chaos quite badly. I calculated that I spend roughly 4.5 hours of my day, everyday, in my kitchen. Mostly doing dishes. I wanted to speak to that in my challenge but couldn’t bring myself to photograph something un-staged this round. I worried it was too much chaos, everyone would have exploded from the sheer volume of dishes spilling from my sink onto my counters. You did this really well. These photos are beautiful. Those pears! I sigh. The light. So good. I also really enjoy the dark background/white flour contrast. Supreme. High five.

    • Hi Nicole, Thank you so much. I can’t believe I’m just reading these comments now, but I’ve been traveling across the country and just didn’t have it in me until this weekend to open up the old lap top! This was at my parents’ house and their kitchen gets an absurd amount of beautiful light (much more than my little house here in the bayou). It was a lot of fun experimenting in there (and my mom keeps a fairly pristine set up). Thanks for the comment!

  2. Happy new year, Amanda! I am such a sucker for a beautiful mess in the kitchen. I love the third photo with the simplicity of props and the overspill of flour on the counter. The contrast is well done. The only faults with this image is the glare on the counter and I think I would have removed the dough kneader. What do you think? Oh, and thank you for making me hungry for some scones!

    • Hi M, thanks for the feedback. As I’m looking at that picture now (a few weeks after taking it), I totally see what you mean about the pastry cutter. With the rolling pin in the background and the bowl to the left, it really just clutters up the image. I practiced cropping this time around, but I think I will spend more time with space composition for the next challenge.

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  4. Beautifully styled, Amanda. I am certain it was a tough job for a concept like chaos. I had such a hard time sorting through the mess that is my house for chaos that I can photograph (no one wants to see half folded clothes, apparently).
    Going by your order post, it must have been heartbreaking to be chaotic while baking. I should try baking these scones sometime.

    • Thank you, Vaish. Chaos is hard to capture! I’m one who cleans as a I go whenever I’m cooking/baking, so this time around I had to keep stopping to make a controlled mess (also, make those scones. They were delicious!).

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