A New York Recap in Pictures (and a few words)

IMG_1110After three weeks traveling through NY to see family and friends (with an extended stay with some close friends in Massachusetts), Keegan and I are finally back in Louisiana.  It felt like a dream returning here, like this life was only a figment of my imagination.  When we were in NY, it felt like home.  We were surrounded by the people we had known almost our entire lives (at the very least, more than three years).  Even some of Keegan’s family were able coalesce from various parts of the globe for the holidays.

After a week of being back in Lafayette, and two days after classes for the Spring semester have started up again, life here is beginning to feel more real. I wonder, however, just how long it will take me to realize that the life I lived in NY is part of the past now? That we are on some new journey and, really, who knows where we will end up.

We started a vacation right after a beautiful snow fall.  I immediately dropped my bags and ran outside in Keegan’s boots to capture some of the beauty that is upstate NY in the wintertime.

IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1120 IMG_1114 IMG_1119We spent the week after Christmas traveling around the Northeast in our little rented Yaris (which, we discovered early on our road trip, did not contain windshield washer fluid with antifreeze, and we had to keep pulling over on the highways to wash away the grime with handfuls of snow.  Very exciting indeed).  We returned to my parents’ house after New Year’s and my sister’s boyfriend took us clay pigeon shooting.  It was my first time using a shotgun, and the only time I hit one of those fluorescent orange projectiles was when they set it up on a fence…

Oh, and did I mention that it was about 15 degrees outside when we did this.  I’ll blame the cold for my lack of aim.

IMG_1122 IMG_1121 IMG_1123 IMG_1125 IMG_1133 IMG_1127At this point my phone died and I couldn’t take anymore pictures.

We spent the last few days of our winter break spending quality time with my family. The day before we left I traveled with my mother and sister to Albany for a funeral (my brother drove all the way from Rochester to meet us there).  It was one of those bittersweet moments where you are surrounded by the family you haven’t seen in years, and you are happy to see them, but you are all gathered for the saddest of occasions.

Even though our time ended on a sad note, I was ultimately grateful for the family that I was able to reconnect with.  I love that I got to see a lot of the people I missed from my childhood, and I hope that it doesn’t take another tragedy to bring us all together again.

I had actually planned this post to be mostly pictures and a “few” words.  Turns out I had more to say than I thought.  Till next time…signature


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