Photography Styling Challenge #8: Patterns

RedesignedByMPhotoStylingChallengeHappy February everyone!  This month’s challenge involved capturing patterns.  For this one, I decided to leave the comforts of home and see what patterns I could find in the great outdoors.  There is this lovely park across the street from our house, so I grabbed some props and headed over.

Anyway, the park has some great brick pattern that I tried to emphasize in each of my shots.  I’m still only using my iPhone as my predominate picture-taking device, so bear with me here (if you have recommendations for a great “starter” camera, I would love to hear from you).

Here’s my submissions for this week:

I took this series around 4 o’clock, so the sun was warm and low (very different from the weather we were having just days earlier…check those photos out here!). I love the play between the brick and the shadows from the bench.

IMG_1297 IMG_1279 IMG_1270Then, I thought, let’s play with this light and use some beads (I’m already prepping for Mardi Gras down here!):

IMG_1323 IMG_1294Till next time…



13 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #8: Patterns

  1. Hey Amanda, I like the last pic. Very nice warm light.

    What sort of camera are you looking for? If you’re looking for a starter SLR, then check out the Canon 600D otherwise there are plenty of nice point and shoots like the Fujifilm XF1, which is actually a great camera!

    • Thanks for the camera info. Every time I go online to look for a camera, I just get overwhelmed by the choices and end up closing the window to do something else. Now I feel like I have a point of reference.

  2. As a Kansan, I approve your use of brick in this shoot. What cozy looking images. Outside here is a slush-bucket of yuck. And it’s about to have a foot of snow dumped on it. I want to roll in your mardi gras sunbaked brick land.

  3. What fun photographs! I love the light (natural light is my favourite and I’d rather wait until the next day to make sure of natural light rather than use a flash) 🙂
    I really like that you took things outside and I can see the thought and time you put into ‘creating’ and styling your shoot…well done x

  4. You are so creative! The shot with shadow patterns on the book is simply brilliant! and yes, brick pavements have great patterns on them. How well you have used and shot them Amanda. Good job.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I always worry about crossing the line of being “too simple,” but you are right, the bench takes away from the pattern. I’m going to focus on simplifying for next month. Thanks:-)

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