DIY Birdcage Lamp–Stage 2 and 3 (Completed!)

IMG_1351Check out the DIY Birdcage Lamp Stage 1 here

After a particularly productive thrift store find a few months ago, I came home with this pretty cool birdcage.  I knew when I saw it on the floor that it would work perfectly as a hanging lamp (even though I had never made one before, I had a vision of what it would look like):IMG_0646

After getting it home, I realized that this would be a multi-stepped process.  Even though I love taking time out of my week to do some crafts or try out a new recipe, I don’t actually have that much free time.  I have to break projects up into steps and spread the work over a few weekends.  I probably could have gotten this project done in a shorter amount of time, but I really wanted to plan out how it would look before making any stylistic decisions.IMG_1340 IMG_1343 I finally decided that layering the inside of the birdcage with white tissue paper would be perfect for how I wanted to use this lamp.  As I’ve said in previous posts, our current rental house is almost completely decked out in dark wood paneling, so anything that I can do to lighten the rooms, I will try.  I figured any other color other than white would look too busy on the walls.  So white tissue paper it was.IMG_1344PicMonkey CollageIMG_1345IMG_1367For this project, I used the Mod Podge both as a glue to hold the tissue paper in place (carefully trimming the edges once I glued it inside the cage) and as a finishing coat to keep the edges of the tissue paper down since I had to do a lot of overlapping.  I only did this on the edge of the cage since the tissue paper is so delicate.

Now, since my birdcage came in two pieces, I had to decide how to put it back together.  When I bought it was just held together by some thin wire.  Ideally, I’d like a pretty hook and hinge system, but for now, I decided to experiment with some fabric.  I glued four pieces of fabric (two to the top and two to the bottom pieces of the cage).

This worked when the cage was on my work table, but when I hung it up, it was lopsided, hence, the string.

Ultimately, it worked out, even though there were some things I would like to have done differently, the final product looks pretty similar to the vision I had in the antique store so many months ago.  I love it when vision meets reality!

Check out the finished product below:

IMG_1351-001Let me know what you think!signature


8 thoughts on “DIY Birdcage Lamp–Stage 2 and 3 (Completed!)

    • Thank you! I just love it when my plans actually work out (there are so many fails when the product doesn’t even resemble the original idea…not that that always results in a fail, but there is something to be said when everything goes as planned, or close to it!)

    • Thanks for the feedback. We actually wanted something to offset the bright overhead lighting we already have in the room. I like a little mood lighting when I’m reading…it’s now my favorite spot in the house! (Also, we made sure to use an energy efficient bulb, so no fires in the future)

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