Small Space Gardening–Planning

When we moved down here, Keegan and I specifically looked for a house where we would have the option to plant a garden (well, Keegan wanted some land, and I wanted a garden).  The space that we have now has a few sunny spots just begging for some planting.  We’ve finally started some seeds, and are now ready to enter the planning phase of our gardening endeavors (hoping that the frost/cold weather have finally left the South). Thus, let the pinterest pins commence!

Our first impulse is to build some sort of raised bed since the places that get the most sun do not have the best dirt.  Probably something like this from Idaho Hospice:


This tiered raised bed from Master Garden Products seems pretty awesome:

tieredraisedbedHere is the Daily Garden from Studio Blog (This one is my favorite, and probably what I will use as inspiration, especially since it integrates a composting area which we have already started)


The pallets create a potato growing heaven on one side and compost on the other.  The strawberry pot decorates the center.  The various and sundry plastic containers hang to give more planting space and even the edges of the pallets serve to hold little pots of dangling plants. – Studio

A pretty cool pallet garden (and step-by-step tutorial) from Life on the Balcony

This garden re-purposes old wooden palettes used for shipping to create a unique tiered balcony garden

So, blogging world, what tips and tricks do you have for starting a garden?  I’ve done a bit of balcony/container gardening, but this is the first time I actually have the space and the time for something bigger.  Please leave your feedback below!



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