ReDesigned Picture Frames

IMG_1562In celebration of Spring, and all the wonderful connotations that go along with it, I’m posting this redesign I did a few weeks ago.  As you all know by now, our current rental is almost completely covered in wall-to-wall wood paneling.  Since day 1 of the move it, I have been dying to paint a few key elements white to brighten up the place. It really is amazing what a small amount of white paint can do to brighten up a room.

IMG_1557I pulled down a few pictures from the walls in the living room which were in desperate need of an update.  Since we are on a tight budget, new frames were not an option, but we already had white paint from the touch-ups we did in the kitchen when we first moved in.

These pictures and frames are actually from my father.  I remember when I first moved out of my parents house, I did a sweep of the attic to see what little gems I could find to decorate my new place.  These two Broadway prints were just a few of the things I acquired (complete with their 1970’s wooden frames).  So, the truth is, I’ve had these pictures for about six years, always thinking about updating them, but never quite getting around to it.  The wood paneling seemed to be just the impetus I needed.

IMG_1559 IMG_1560I did a little sand papering to rough up the wood before painting.  I also decided to tape the glass instead of taking the whole frame apart…I don’t know which one would have been easier.  Taping in a straight line seems to be a difficulty for me…does anyone else experience this problem with blue painter’s tape?  What I thought was a shortcut turned quickly into a hassle!

IMG_1564 IMG_1565That picture above is what happens when you don’t take enough time to really rough up the frame, especially when it is cheap particle board from Ikea!

IMG_1569 Anyway, the final product came out great.  I was amazed by how two simple white frames could significantly brighten up the room, adding just the right pop against the brown paneling!  Lola is unimpressed, but still enjoys the view out the front window from her perch on her favorite couch cushion.  Check out the before and after below!

PicMonkey CollageDo you have any projects you’ve been putting off for years?  Spring is the perfect season for updating those old everyday objects into something bright and new.  Next project: doorknob coat rack (this one will be fun!)



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