Photography Styling Challenge #10: Light

IMG_1799For this month’s theme, I was inspired by the Holi festival which was held in a park right next to my house last weekend.  Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus in early Spring. I thought that the bright colors and the welcoming of Spring really spoke to the “Light” theme for this photo challenge. The days are longer, the sun’s out more often, and the Holi festival really epitomizes these seasonal changes.  Now, to be fair, I wasn’t really styling per se, but this was my first time taking candid photographs in an uncontrolled setting (read “chaotic”).  I really had to pay attention to where I was standing in order to get the best shot, so it was a sort of reverse styled shoot.  I actually really enjoyed the challenge and I think I did a pretty good job capturing the beauty and unrestrained happiness of the moment.

In regards to my camera.  le sigh.  My finances at the current moment are restricting me to my iPhone still, so I apologize for some of the graininess of the darker photos (it was an overcast day until the sun came out during the middle of the festival–even more apropos for this challenge!).  I have been using the HD function and the focusing grid on my iPhone which makes for a crisper, brighter picture, but that’s about the only effects I have control of. All part of the challenge I guess.

Anyway, here are my submissions for this month (I love the kid in the first shot…head to toe in colors!).  Enjoy and don’t forget to leave some feedback in the comments section!








Hope you enjoyed my submissions for this month’s challenge, and, as always, please share some love for my fellow participants:

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14 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #10: Light

  1. What great photos! They truly are infused, even saturated, with the colorful fun of the festival. I could feel the heat of the bright sun & taste the powdery color in the air. That’s some effective photography!

  2. Great candid shots Amanda! Loved the way you have captured the spirit of this colourful festival. We had great fun this Holi, here in India, but there is no way I could have captured anything like yours because we play Holi like crazies! All phones and cameras to be kept at home or they are gone forever!

    • Thanks, Supriti. This was my first time, so I was okay on the sidelines snapping photos. My husband, on the other hand, was center stage throughout the whole affair!

  3. hahah!! Looks like such a fun shoot. Although I am from India, I have never celebrated Holi. The light has been your best friend during the shoot 🙂

    • I thought so too at first, but then I’ve been watching COSMOS on Fox, and color really comes from light anyway:-) I was also going for more of an indirect interpretation and thought I would apply some of the things I’ve learned about styling in a controlled setting to the chaotic world outside my house.

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