Easy Pillowcase Tutorial

IMG_1982I don’t know what happened, but some time between when I was in high school and now, Target managed to morph into some kind of reasonably priced, trendy store for fashionable yet thrifty finds.  Maybe it’s always been that way, and I’ve just been too anti-big-box-store to appreciate it.  Now that I am on a stricter budget, it made sense to take a trip into the rabbit hole of a Target Supercenter.  Holy crap!  I found all sorts of absolutely necessary items that just had to come home with me–the above pictured placemat being one of the cheaper items in my cart.

I have to admit, I am not the creator of this awesome DIY home design idea, but as soon as I read about it, I knew that I had to try it out.  It really is as simple as it seems and took me less than five minutes to turn a simple 2.99 placemat into an awesome accent pillow for my bedroom (and Target had some really cool prints to choose from! Seriously, I’m still in shock about the range of decor choices in each aisle…plus they had super cheap organic milk.  WHat?!)

IMG_1982 IMG_1985

Okay, so here are the steps:

1. Find a nice cloth placemat (one with some backing)

2. Cut a slit in the back of the placemat (be careful not to cut through the front as I almost did…or into your bed comforter either!)

3. Viola, a pillow case! Seriously, what’s easier than this? I guess you could just lay the placemat on top of another pillow…but what’s the fun in that?

IMG_1987 IMG_1989 IMG_19914. Fill your new pillowcase (I used an old pillow that I cut open.  I used about half the stuffing and saved the rest for another project.  I filled an older pillow case halfway to keep the stuffing in place and then carefully filled the placemat) IMG_1994 Okay, I totally cheated and left the back of the placemat open.  I figured that since this was on our bed, its unlikely that any guests will ever see the back of it (though I realize now that I am publicizing this little secret!).  Anyway, this works for me right now, and if I want to use the pillow somewhere else, I will probably sew up the back.  But, for now, how’s that for a five minute upgrade?! Check out the before and after below.  I just love the pop of color this yellow pillow brings to the bedroom.  DIY Success!IMG_2007PicMonkey Collagesignature


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