2014 Summer Update

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already finished my first year of graduate school, that Keegan and I have been married for a year (our anniversary is tomorrow!), and that I’ve been living in Louisiana for nine months.  Time is a funny thing, and as I get older, it just seems to speed up with each passing day.  I’m trying to really value the moments of my experience, to live in those moments instead of living to far into the future or worrying about the past.  That’s part of the reason I started this blog, which, by the way, is also almost a year old now!  I’m surprised that I stuck with it, but I suppose the need for me to document my life and feel connected to the world I knew was important and still is.  I’m looking forward to continue to document my adventures in the Bayou and the rest of the world on this blog.  This summer is quite packed with events from our “honeymoon” (which we will finally celebrate in Venice during a conveniently timed Hemingway conference), to multiple marriages, bridal showers, and bachelorette/bachelor parties.  I have a feeling that this summer is going to fly by.  I’ve pulled together some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks to give you a peek into what I’ve been up to.

1. Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from the Viva la Waffle cart at Festival International (which will be held April 22 – April 26, 2015–so those of you who want to visit us, that’s a really great week to come!)

IMG_20262. Crawfish Boil: My first experience with crawfish season was pretty awesome.  We ate them in restaurants, at people’s houses, and even had the luxury of a friend bringing over 9lbs of boiled crawfish to our house for our enjoyment.  The cajun spices and the magical dipping sauce.  I mean really.  What’s better than standing around a table chowing down on delicious seafood? (Also, Keegan got to try Google glasses, and, as you can see in the picture, he was pretty excited about it)

IMG_2047 IMG_2045 IMG_2050


3. We bought a smoker!  Keegan has been experimenting with smoking different meats, and he is loving it.  The picture below was our most recent attempt–spare ribs.  I made a mango and tamarind chutney, and Keegan fried up some plantains.  Pretty good for our first attempt at smoking ribs!



4. First wedding of the summer:  While Keegan traveled up to New York to visit his father and attend a mutual friend’s wedding, I stayed behind in order to get ready for the shit storm next semester will be (I’m teaching my first college-level class and preparing for the first round of my comprehensive exams), plus I’m presenting two papers at the conference in Venice in a few weeks. Anyway, two of the friends Keegan and I met down here in Lafayette tied the knot recently.  I was able to attend and really honored to be invited.  It feels nice to know that after moving to a new place where we literally knew no one, we were lucky enough to meet people who truly welcomed us into their lives.


5. Cajun Heartland State Fair: Corndogs, fried dough, acrobatics, and a petting zoo.  Pretty standard fair fare! (the grapefruit was part of my recovery process from all of the fried food) IMG_2163 IMG_2186


6. Garden Update: We are fighting slugs in the potato patch, but everything else seems to be thriving!  IMG_2179 IMG_2175 IMG_2181

Stay tuned for my final installment of the photography styling challenge on Monday!



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