Photography Styling Challenge #12–Personal

RedesignedByMPhotoStylingChallengeYesterday I celebrated the one year anniversary of my marriage to my best friend. As cliche as it sounds, this year has really taught us how much we have become LIFE partners.  Without getting too sappy, despite this month’s theme “personal”, I’m deeply grateful for the happiness I have been afforded in this life.  It is amazing to me how quickly time goes and my participation in this photography challenge over the past 10 months (I missed the first two challenges) has been one of my favorite ways to document the passage of a year.

I’ve been on eBay the past couple of weeks trying to get a good deal on DSLR (I keep getting out bid at the last second!).  That’s one thing this challenge has taught me.  I love taking photos, and I really feel limited by the capabilities of the iPhone.  For most things, the iPhone is great, but I know now the type of photos I want to take and the techniques I want to experiment with.  I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the cool things I’ve seen other participants of this challenge use!

For this final challenge, I had wanted to highlight some of my favorite things from my wedding last June. I decided to focus on my wedding rings.  My house was really dark this week due to thunderstorms, so I had to utilize windowsills to get any sort of light.  I ended up with two shots that I really liked.

2-IMG_2198This first photo really highlights the 1920s design that I love about these rings.  The shell is something that Keegan brought home for me from his recent trip to visit his mom (on the CRUISE SHIP she works on!).

4-IMG_2210This second photo of my wedding rings has particular significance because they are perched on top of the plant we gave as favors at our wedding.  This succulent is officially one year old.  Happy Birthday little plant!

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge and hope to keep in touch with all the participants in the future! Check them all out here:

Coconut Craze

Well, now that went fast!  Thanks for stopping by. Take a look at my other challenge submissions by clicking HERE.

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11 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge #12–Personal

  1. Happy anniversary, Amanda! The second image is very creative. I love photos of rings in different environments. I really hope you’ve had fun in this challenge. Thanks for joining! ~M.

  2. What a way to ring in the last entry for the challenge! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. The rings are so relevant for this topic. Best of luck with your DSLR hunt!

  3. Happy Anniversary Amanda! You have such beautiful and unique wedding rings, and that last photograph is very special with your wedding flower in it too. Good luck with the hunt for the perfect dslr, I look forward to seeing your photographs with it when you find the right one 🙂 x

    • Thank you! I finally bought one off of ebay. It is an old SONY, but I think it will be good for me while I experiment! I think my next post is going to be a page out of your Wonderlust Tag. What a cool idea:-)

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