Curb Appeal: Front Porch Update

front porchThis week in Louisiana the temperatures have finally fallen below 90 degrees, which means, it is officially fall here in Acadiana!  Evening temps in the 50s and 60s with a high of 81?  I’ll take it!

Fall always makes me feel particularly crafty.  This year, it also marks the time in the semester when I finally feel caught up with my work.  After all of the weddings and wedding-related adventures over the summer, I’m finally back on track.  I’m caught up on laundry, vacuuming, reading lists, and paper writing, which means there is more time in my life for the fun things, like updating that wreath I made last year for the front door (The original post is here).

Louisiana does not have what you would call an arid climate, especially in the summer months.  What I’ve learned is that things that I keep outdoors during the months of July and August may become one with nature in a way I wasn’t expecting.  For instance, the wreath I kept on our front door all year, started to grow its own organisms.  Exhibit A:

IMG_2528 IMG_2529

When we finally came home towards the end of August, I noticed the moldy extras on the wreath immediately, but there just wasn’t time to fix it since classes began the following day.  But, like I said, things have finally calmed down, and I have successfully updated the moldy wreath!

We are still living the budget-friendly life, so a new wreath really wasn’t an option.  I decided to spray paint this one with some yellow spray paint we had left over from a previous project.

IMG_2531 IMG_2530I thought the yellow would be a nice pop of color, especially since some of the details I planned to add to it were oranges and reds.  I reused what I could from the old wreath and ended up with this:

IMG_2532It was nice and simple, but I still felt like it was missing something.  So, when I found myself wandering the aisles of Walmart for some god-only-knows reason, I found some red flowers for 1.99.  Here’s what we have now:

IMG_2540I think the key to making your own wreath is to arrange the decorations in a natural way, rather than trying to make it symmetrical.  Let yourself be influenced by Nature.  Don’t be afraid to let things overlap or fall over the edge.

Since I have learned my lesson about leaving things out in the Louisiana weather, I think that I will store this wreath after a few months.  I’ve always wanted to make a pinecone wreath like this one:


Pinecone Wreath via Hometalker Keep Calm and Decorate

I used to have a big stash of pinecones, but when I came home this summer, I made a mad dash to clean the house and threw them all back into the woods.  Things were pretty crazy back then!  Anyway, this is a plan for the future–we’ll see how it goes.  Till then–




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