nyinthebayou_1393091340_85PhD Fellow, outdoor enthusiast, wife, and blogger. I’m a long-time DIYer who loves to get that perfect thrifty find and make it something new!

This blog is acting as my outlet for the stresses of academia.  Here is where I’m documenting my foray into married life as a New York transplant living in the Louisiana Bayou. Follow me as I explore this new phase of life, learning as I go about what it means to be married and making a home together for the first time!

Read a little bit more about my transition from NY to LA here and here

Il faut d’abord durer
above all, one must endure


First Limo Ride as Husband and Wife

I created this blog as a way to stay in touch with my friends and family back in New York. Currently, I am in a process of transition. I was just married, and I am currently living in Louisiana working on my PhD in Literature (hence the title of this blog). I come from a very tight-nit, Italian-Greek family, so our decision to move across the country came as quite the surprise to them (honestly I surprised myself). I left the safety of a job as a tenured English teacher in Westchester New York to pursue a Doctorate in the Humanities…not the most financially strategic course, My father would say. But life is all about the experiences, not the money, right?

My sister and I getting into a really great story about a certain ring we both covet

My sister and I getting into a really great story about a certain ring we both covet

Ideas? Questions?  Just want to Chat?  Send me an email!  NyBayou@gmail.com


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